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Sackman avatar
  • Upon starting the game for the first time, the player will be guided through the basics of the game by Sackman.
    • The tutorial must be completed before the player can enter the main game.
  • Once completed - the tutorial cannot be replayed


  • The player must first complete the tutorial before they can access a number of other features within the game such as the Dojo, Guilds and Customisation.


  • Below are a list of the moves available to the player throughout the tutorial stage of the game:
Icon Move Description
Haymaker icon charged
Haymaker FINN ONLY: Launch a devastating punch towards the opponent, knocking them to the ground!
Projectile icon charged
Fireball Send a flaming projectile spiralling rapidly towards your opponent!
Bodyslam icon charged
Knee Drop Stomp on your opponent!
Kickflurry icon charged
Kick Flurry MARS ONLY: Toss a cooked grenade towards your opponent!
Hundredhandslap icon charged
Lightning Kick Lighting kick - kicks as fast (and powerful!) as lightning!
Special megafireball icon charged
Mega Fireball Fire a huge flaming ball at your opponent for tons of damage!


  • The player will receive 1 x chest for completing the tutorial