Icon Move Name Description Rarity
Haymaker icon charged-0
Elbow Strike Hurl your opponent to the floor with a devastating hard-hitting elbow attack! Common
Punchflurry icon charged-0
Triple Punch Put your rival on the floor with the old one-two! Well, one-two-three. Common
Throw icon charged-0
Throw Show your opponent's neck who's boss by delivering a close and personal piledriver. Epic
Cyclone icon charged-0
Cyclone The fastest move in the world! Repel close combat with a whole load of kicks. Common
Special punch icon charged-0
Mega Punch Tenderize your opponent with a breathtaking series of punches, sending them into the air and then into the floor. Special
Torpedo icon charged-0
Scorpion Kick Rise into the sky ready to strike, deliver a devastating flying kick and backflip away. Rare
Bodyslam icon charged-0
Stomp If you like stomping on things, this is for you! One big stomp, delivered with prejudice. Common
Knockback icon charged
Knockback Get some breathing room with a hit rapid enough to make your opponent slide away stunned. Common
Hook icon charged
Hook Fire a hook into your opponent and drag them up close and personal. Common
Suplex icon charged
Grab Suplex Launch your opponent behind you and drive them into the ground! Common
Special megafireball icon charged-0
Mega Fireball Unleash burning blast after burning blast, incinerating your opponent in style. Special
Kickflurry icon charged-0
Triple Kick Hit the opponent three times down low, under the reach of punches. Common
Teleport icon charged-0
Smoke Bomb Too close? Smoke bomb yourself away! Too far away? Smoke bomb right next to your opponent! Epic