Staff Members, Mods & Admins Edit

Gumbug - Bureaucrat

Moderation Level Edit

  • Bureaucrat - Sensai's are official Gumbug staff and oversee/ manage user rights within the wiki. These are the guys who can change tags/ help you with any major wiki/ Smash Supreme issues and ban those that are stepping out of line. Sensais still retain the abilities of Brawlers and Admins - Maximum power!
  • Administrator - Brawlers aid the growth and development of the wiki. They can edit any page as well as update, delete and rename pages. Brawlers retain the abilities of Admins.
  • Rollback - Admins enforce control into the wiki and ensure that the pages are not being vandalized whilst the Gumbugs are asleep or away. Admins are given a few extra abilities over other members to help aid them in managing and removing any vandalism within the site.