• Special moves are abilities which require the special bar to be entirely filled before they can be used.
    • Special moves are hardened versions of moves from other, previously mentioned move types such as projectiles and melee moves.
      • The moves within this type often have average base damage as a large majority of their damage comes from the mini game multiplier which occurs during the move's cutscene.
  • Special moves are universal - they can be used by any and every character.
  • Special moves ARE blockable.
  • If a special move is interrupted, the special move cutscene will not trigger.
    • Also, much alike any other move, the opponent will receive no damage

Special Bar

  • In order to use a special move, players must first fill their special bar.
    • Every time the player successfully lands a move, their special bar is slightly filled.
  • The special bar is present within all combat scenarios.
  • The player's special bar is always anchored to the left of the screen, whereas their opponents is consistently anchored to the right.
Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 15.57.11 copy

Once the special bar is full, both the character and special bar will begin to glow!

Filling the special bar

  • The special bar is a small metre underneath the player's health bar which fills up as the player lands moves on their opponent.
    • To fill up the players special bar, the user must simply land attack moves against their opponent(s).
  • Both the player and opponents special bar are visible to both players at all times allowing for strategical preparations; both players will know once a player/ AI has a special move available.
    Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 15.57.59

    As the player attacks their opponent, their special bar will begin to fill up.

Using a special move

  • Once the special bar is full, it will begin to glitter signalling that the player’s special is ready.
    • In addition, the character will begin to glow whilst their special is queued.
      • Once a special metre is full, the special move equipped within the player’s active deck will be added to the right of the player’s hand.
        • Once in the player's hand, the special move can be used instantaneously.
  • Once a special move has been used, the special move will be reset, ready to be refilled once again.
Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.20.43 copy


  • There are currently 5 special moves within Smash Supreme.
  • Currently, all special moves are unlocked upon the completion of the tutorial, though as special moves are later added they will require unlocking.
    • Special moves will later be unlocked via crates.

Icon Move Name Description How to Obtain Rarity
Card special megafireball
Mega Fireball Fire a huge flaming ball at your opponent for tons of damage! Unlocked after tutorial competition.
Card special punch
Mega Punch Charge at your opponent with a flurry of punches and knock them away with one final blow! Unlocked after tutorial competition.
Card doppelganger
Doppleganger Team up with yourself to deal double the damage for a short time. Obtained within crates.
Card megacounter
Mega Counter Block any of your opponent's attacks and counter them with a mega attack!Activate and time your block at the right moment to counter your opponent's attacks with a mega move...TWICE! Obtained within crates.
Card bot heal
HealBot Once activated, HealBot will send jolts of health your way for a short period of time. Obtained within crates.