• Smash Supreme requires a stable network connection in order to be played, a good connection is recommended to prevent disconnection and in game lag.
  • If a player happens to disconnect, they have approx. 30 seconds to reconnect to the game before the player has officially disconnected, deeming the battle in progress a loss.

Disconnection Edit

  • If a player is unable to connect to to a game in progress within 30 seconds, the player automatically forfeits resulting in a win for the opponent.
    • If the match in progress happened to be a ranked 1v1 or 2v2 battle, the user not only loses the match, but they also lose a star towards their rank progression.
  • Players are advised to ensure that they have a stable 4G/ WIFI signal before starting a Smash Supreme session.
  • Reconnection is automatic and requires no user input once a stable connection has been reestablished.