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  • PvP battles are online-only player vs player brawls.
  • There are currently two different PvP game types within the game mode; 1v1 and 2v2.
    • The 1v1 game mode is the standard game type within Smash Supreme.
  • PvP battles can be accessed via the "FIGHT" button on the Main Menu.


  • PvP battles are an online-only game mode and therefore require a network connection in order to play.
    • Whilst fighting in a PvP battle, the player will always be fighting against another player rather than the AI as seen within Training and the Tutorial.
  • During matchmaking, players will only ever be matched with players at their rank, one rank above or one rank below them to allow for a balanced battle.


  • Arenas are the unique 3D battlegrounds brawlers fight within.
    • Arenas cannot be manually selected.
      • Players will fight within arenas suitable for their online ranking, more information regarding arenas can be found within the arena section.
  • As the player progresses up the ranks, they will unlock new arenas.
    • There is currently only 1 arena within Smash Supreme.
  • Which arena a brawler fights within has no effect on the battle.


  • Every time a player participates in a PvP battle, they are automatically ranked on their performance.
    • PvP (player vs player) progress is tracked via a PvP ranking which consists of both a numerical rank (ELO) and star rating.
      • Players will only receive a numerical ELO once they reach Rank 1.
        • At this point, players will also stop gaining star ratings and instead, they will just see their ELO # rise and fall.
  • There are currently 11 ranks within Smash Supreme.
  • More information regarding ranks can be found here.