Overview Edit

  • Permanent unlocks are user bound items players can obtain through playing the game.
    • Unlike cosmetic customisations, permanent unlocks are interactive/usable within the game.
  • Permanent unlocks include the following:
  • All the items mentioned above are player bound and cannot be sold nor traded.
    • Moves can be donated within the guild tab!
      • You must be in a guild in order to donate/ request moves.

Unlocks Edit

Icon Name Unlock Type How to Unlock
Mia Character
Mars Character
Werbo Character
Hilltop Arena Reach Rank 4
Elbow Strike Move Rank 11
Counter Move Rank 11
Jumping Fireball Move Rank 11
Mortarbot Move Rank 10
Hook Move Rank 10
Break Kick Move Rank 9
Pulse Move Rank 9
Smoke Bomb Move Rank 8
Catch Move Rank 8
Grenade Move Rank 7
Triple Kick Move Rank 7
Mega Punch Move Rank 6
Mirror Kick Move Rank 6
Mega Counter Move Rank 5
Electrify Move Rank 5
Windmill Move Rank 5
Healbot Move Rank 4
Grab Suplex Move Rank 3
Doppelganger Move Rank 2
Dragon Uppercut Move Rank 1
  • Note: just because a move is unlocked doesn't mean it is available to use. The player still needs to find the move in a crate to be able to use it.