Icon Move Name Description Rarity
Reflect icon charged-0
Reflect The SuperCorp Reflect-o-matic will send any projectile back where it came from. Guaranteed! Common
Counter icon charged-0
Counter Block an attack while this is active to give someone a pride obliterating smack! Epic
Bot mortar icon charged-0
Mortar BOT Once activated, MortarBot will target any enemies and shoot bursts of fire at them for a short time period! Rare
Electrify icon charged
Electrify Fighter is electrically charged Common
Megacounter icon charged-0
Mega Counter Activate and time your block at the right moment to counter your opponent's attacks with a mega move...TWICE! Legendary
Bot heal icon charged-0
Heal BOT The SuperCorp HealBot is perfect for the fighter on the go, healing wounds as you carry on smashing away. Legendary
Catch icon charged-0
Catch Pluck any projectile out of the sky, run close and slam it into the owner's face. Rare