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Overview Edit

  • “Moves” refer to the attacks characters can use during a battle.
    • In Smash Supreme, moves are portrayed as cards.
  • There are several different types of moves which can be equipped and/ or unlocked within the game.
  • In order to make them much easier to search for, understand and group, moves are separated into “move types”.
  • Moves are essential to the Smash Supreme combat system; the entire combat system revolves around the use of moves and micromanaging damage required, damage taken and player/ opponent health.
  • Moves can be upgraded to increase their damage in game, though they cannot be modified.
    • Moves can be gained in various crates, purchased with gold in the shop, or won in the PvE campaign mode.
      • Furthermore, moves can only be upgraded within the dojo, accessible through the Main Menu.

Using Moves Within Combat Edit

  • Moves are displayed as cards within Smash Supreme allowing for the construction (and deconstruction!) of decks.
  • Deck modification can be done within the dojo, it is here that the user can choose which moves will be available to them within their next battle.
    • To use a move during combat, the user must simply tap on the move whilst it is on screen (in their hand).
      • There are only ever 3 moves on screen (in the players hand) at any one time.
      • If the player's special bar is full, a fourth move will become avaliable - their special move.
        • In the case of a full special bar, the players special move will be visible (and usable) within their hand.
      • A move's speed, damage, warmup times and other statistics are entirely dependant on the move itself; each move has it's own move type and list of stats.

Move Types Edit