Mia - "The Thief" Edit

Mia is a playable brawler within Smash Supreme.

Bio Edit

Mia is a sharp eyed, quick witted fighter with a naive but strong drive to compete. She uses misdirection and fast attacks to control her fights, leaving slower opponents stunned with a seemingly endless supply of projectiles and smoke bombs.

Mia comes from a group of thieves based in the northern mountains, famous for their unorthodox combat style and elite survival instincts. She is a professional thief, having committed more burglaries than all the other competitors put together. Probably.

Mia competes in the arena to demonstrate her superior combat style, finesse and her home grinded throwing knives. Ground? Grinded? Grounded. Home grounded throwing knives.

Class Moves Edit

Icon Move Description
Dart icon charged
Dart MIA ONLY: A high speed, long range throwing knife - quick enough to catch out even the fastest opponents.
Teleport icon charged
Smoke Bomb MIA ONLY: Too close? Smoke bomb yourself away! Too far away? Smoke bomb yourself right next to your opponent!

Trivia Edit

  • Mia was the first female brawler within Smash Supreme!