• Moves which require the player to be within close proximity to their opponent are called melee moves.
    • Melee moves vary in damage and have the ability to leave the user vulnerable - it is important to choose melee moves wisely.
  • With moves such as Uppercut, melee moves are a great way to begin juggling an opponent.

Move List

Icon Move Name Description
Card stomp
Stomp Stomp on your opponent!
Card knockback
Knockback Punch your opponent away!
Cyclone icon charged
Cyclone Kicks as fast (and powerful!) as lightning!
Card uppercut
Uppercut Throw a punch at the opponent, sending them flying into the air!
Card windmill
Windmill Wield your weapon and whirlwind towards your opponent dealing tons of damage!
Card throw
Throw Pick up your opponent and slam them to the floor!
Card breakkick
Break Kick Kick your opponent from the ground!