• Leaderboards display a player and/ or guilds global ranking to the rest of the world.
  • Both the player and guild leaderboard can be accessed by selecting the player rank icon within the Main Menu.

Your Rank Edit

  • You can now view your rank and card unlocks at each rank. When pressing the rank icon, your rank in relation to the other ranks is the first thing shown. You can access the player leaderboard and guild leaderboard by pressing their tabs.
  • It always opens to your current rank.

Player Leaderboard Edit

Screenshot 20170920-170644 copy
  • The player leaderboard opens to the top 5 players if you are not listed.
  • If you are within the top 200 players, the player leaderboard opens to your position.

Guild Leaderboard Edit

Screenshot 20170920-170657
  • The guild leaderboard opens to the top 5 guilds if your guild is not listed. If your guild is listed, it opens to show your guild's position