• Once a brawler's life reaches zero, the brawler has been defeated resulting in them being knocked out (KO'd) and losing the current round.
    • Brawlers cannot retry a round after a knockout - results are permanent.
  • Once a brawler has been knocked out, the round and/ or battle (if all remaining rounds have been completed) is over and the user will be redirected to the Main Menu.
  • Players must ensure that they use defensive moves and damage prevention strategies to ensure that they do not become knocked out!

Defeat Edit

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  • Upon being losing a battle, the user will not only be humiliated, but also lose a star towards their next rank.
    • Unlike consecutive wins, consecutive losses do not result in increased star reduction.

Health Edit

  • Player and opponent health is displayed via the green bars at the top left and right of the screen.
    • The player's life is always on the left whereas the opponents life is always on the right.
  • Brawler health will drop whenever an opponent lands a hit on another character.
    • Each move within the game has their own damage values which will take different amounts of life from a brawler when successfully landed.
      • Moves can be upgraded to make them stronger - resulting in a greater health loss for the opponent.
  • There are moves such as Heal Bot which can be used to heal the player (over time) during battles.
    • Players can also use Block to prevent loss of life.