Icon Move Name Description Rarity
Projectile icon charged-0
Fireball A mystic fireball made of pure chi. Slide back and release! Common
Slidekick icon charged-0
Slide Kick A super fast move to get up close and personal. Slide under fireballs, punches and more! Epic
Sweepkick icon charged
Break Kick Need a quick recovery from the ground? Return to your feet and kick your opponent for good measure. Common
Jumpprojectile icon charged-0
Jumping Fireball After a twisting ascent, release a powerful fireball at your opponent. Rare
Uppercut icon charged-0
Uppercut A hearty blow that will send your opponent flying upwards. A juggler's paradise. Common
Pulse icon charged
Pulse An electromagnetic pulse that will damage bots, stop projectiles and generally make life difficult for your rival. Rare
Windmill icon charged
Windmill Grab your weapon and deliver a dizzying whirlwind of hits ! Epic
Mirrorkick icon charged
Mirror Kick Take down your opponent with a deadly bicycle kick! Common
Dart icon charged-0
Dart A high speed, long range throwing knife - quick enough to catch out even the fastest opponent. Rare
Doppelganger icon charged-0
Doppleganger Team up with the best fighter there is - you - and deal huge damage with the power of numbers! Special
Grenade icon charged-0
Grenade Throw a primed grenade that will either explode on their head... or the floor. Common