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Overview Edit

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How to Acquire Gold Edit

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Overview Edit

  • Gold is the soft currency within Smash Supreme.
  • Gold can be used to upgrade moves, but moves from the shop and/ or create a guild.
  • The maximum amount of Gold any one player can have at one time is 1 million!
  • Gold can both be rewarded in game or alternatively, purchased with gems.

Where to find Gold Edit

Gold rewards Edit

  • Gold can be found within every chest rewarded throughout Smash Supreme.
    • The amount of gold rewarded within each chest is dependant on a number of variables such as chest type and rarity.
      • See the Chests page for more information regarding the topic.
  • Gold is also rewarded for donating cards within a guild.
    • Card donation rewards are as follows: 5 gold per common move, 50 gold per rare and 500 gold for each epic.
      • Legendary cards cannot be donated.

Purchasing Gold Edit

  • Extra gold can be purchased from the in-game shop at the various amounts in exchange for gems.
    • Gems can be purchased from the shop.
      • There are a number of different gem quantities that can be purchased.
  • Gold purchases often have discounts.
    • The higher the purchase cost, the lesser the cost per gold.
  • Gold quantities are as follows:

Icon Name Quantity Price (Gems)
Iap soft m
Bag of Gold 1,000 60 Gems
Iap soft l
Barrel of Gold 10,000 500 Gems
Iap soft xl
Crate of Gold 100,000 4,500 Gems

Gold Usage Edit