Iap hard m

"Gems can be used to speed up chest timers or purchase gold in the shop."

Overview Edit

  • Gems are the only form of premium currency (microtransactions) within Smash Supreme.
  • Once a user has completed the tutorial, they will be rewarded with a chest containing a few starter items including 4 gems.
  • Additional gems can be earned in game via levelling up opening chests.
    • Alternatively, they may be purchased using real life money via the in game shop.

Purchasing Gems Edit

  • Gems can be purchased via the in game shop, prices are as follows (GBP - £):

Image in shop Price (GBP) Gem Quantity Gems p/ Pound (GBP)
Iap hard s
£4.99 400
Iap hard m
£9.99 900
Iap hard l
£19.99 2,000
Iap hard xl
£49.99 5,500
Iap hard xl
£99.99 12,000

Usage Edit

  • Gems can be used to purchase gold and chests from the shop.
    • Gems can also be used to speed up/ remove the waiting time on chests.

How to obtain gems without purchase Edit

  • Players can obtain premium currency within certain crates rewarded throughout the game.
    • The rarer the crate being opened, the higher the chance of gaining a larger amount of premium currency.
  • It is important to note that although gems can be obtained for free, gaining gems this way will be at a much slower pace