• There are several different game modes within Smash Supreme to allow for a fun, varied and fresh space of play.
  • PvP is the only game mode accessible within the beta version of the game.
    • There are two different PvP (player vs player) game types currently available within Smash Supreme; 1v1 and 2v2.

Game Modes

Campaign (Player vs Environment)

PvP (Player vs Player)

  • PvP modes pit players against other Smash Supreme players in high paced, visually exciting player vs player combat.
  • Playing against other players within the PvP game types allow for much more unpredictable and skilful combos/ play sessions than when playing against AI within the tutorial and/ or training.
    • Although playing against other players will improve player skill at a faster pace, playing against players is much more difficult than AI.

1 vs 1

  • The 1v1 PvP game type refers to 1 player vs 1 opponent arena combat - this is the standard game type for Smash Supreme.
    • Participating within 1v1 battles will result in the player gaining a PvP ranking.