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  • Equipment refers to headpieces, armour and weapons which can be unlocked via a variety of different crates and equipped onto characters for visual and statistical changes!
  • All equipment is account bound and so changing the active character will not affect active attachments.

Zones Edit

  • Each fighter has a total of 3 zones of which players can equip fighter attachments.
  • Although zones are located on different locations for each character, every character has 3 customisable zones; the head slot, the weapon slot and the armour slot.
    • Each slot holds a total of 1 piece of equipment.
      • Once a piece of equipment has been equipped, the game will instantaneously apply the new stats for the player to use in battle.

Selecting Equipment Edit

  • All customisation items such as Dyes, Emojis and Equipment can be attached/ equipped within the Customisation Menu.
  • Attachments are split into three different zones: head, armour and weapon.
    • In order to attach a piece of equipment into a character zone, the player must simply select the piece of equipment they want to add.
      • Once selected the equipment (and the stats associated with it) will automatically be applied.
  • As previously mentioned, only 1 piece of equipment can be added per zone and therefor, any selection made on an attachment for an already occupied zone will result in automatic replacement.

Upgrading Equipment Edit

  • Similarly to moves, equipment can be upgraded for visual and statistical improvements!
    • If you receive a duplicate of a piece of equipment you already own, rather than replace the duplication for gold (as is the case with Emojis and Dyes), duplications can be used to upgrade the current state of the attachment.
  • Each attachment is accompanied with it’s own set of positive statistics, however, these are often accompanied with negative effects for balance.
    • Usually, the rarer and/ or more upgraded the attachment, the larger the effects/ better the buff to nerf ratio.
  • Equipment has a total of 4 levels.
    • Level 1: Statistical improvements
    • Level 2: Statistical improvements + colourable equipment
    • Level 3: Statistical improvements + Mirrored Armour
    • Level 4: Statistical improvements

 Obtaining NEW Equipment! Edit

  • You can get new equipment in a number of ways including:
  • Only certain crates contain equipment.
    • Incredible crates guarantee a piece of equipment!
    • More information on crate drops and equipment drop chances can be found over on the rewards page!
  • Unlike other forms of customisation such as Dyes and Emojis, receiving a duplicate equipment will not result in a currency replacement.
    • Equipment duplicates can later be used to upgrade current equipment for cosmetic changes.

Equipment Stats Edit

Icon Title Description
Blocking Damage Increases/ decreases the amount of damage taken from attacks whilst blocking.
Block Duration Modifies the time a player can block before becoming stunned.
Block Stun Duration Modifies the amount of time a player will be stunned for during


Parry Chance Widens/ shortens the time bracket in which players can parry

their enemy.

Health Increases/ decreases to player's overall health.
Speed Increases/ decreases to player's speed when using swipe

movement mechanics.

BOT Modifications Improves/ worsens speed and/ or damage statistics for BOTs such as HealBOT and MortarBOT.
Defensive Tactic Duration Extends/ decreases the time passive effects from moves such

as Reflect and Counter remain active.

Special Charge Modifies the amount of charge required for a special

move/ the amount of attacks required to fill a special metre. 

Damage Modifies the amount of damage players do from certain

attacks. Can be limited to melee, projectile or overall attacks.

Resistance  Modifies the amount of damage taken from certain attacks.

Can be limited to melee, projectile or overall attacks.