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  • Within the Dojo, players can customise and edit custom decks for use in battle.
    • Decks are made up of a variety of different moves which vary in both level and rarity - players can upgrade moves to make them much stronger in battle, resulting in a stronger overall deck.
      • A different compilation of moves will result in different in game strategies - players can swap and change moves to suit their play style.
  • The Dojo can be accessed via the Main Menu at any time once the tutorial has been completed as long as the player is not currently queued or in a match of any kind.
  • Decks are core to the Smash Supreme battle system, the Dojo allows players to modify the decks to suit their strategies and play style.
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Building a Custom Deck

Adding & Removing Moves From a Custom Deck

  • To compete in a battle of any game type, players will be required to have a selection of moves (8) at their disposal to defend against enemy attacks and battle to victory.
    • When the player first starts the game they will have 3 preset decks ready for them to practice with until they decide to overwrite the preset decks customise their own.
    • All decks can be edited and/ or upgraded within the Dojo at any time whilst the player is not participating in nor queued for a battle.
  • To add a move to a deck, users must find their desired move from the Dojo before simply taping the move and selecting the use option as shown below:
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    • To remove a move from a players active deck, the user must simply select another move to replace it, and select the "use" option.

Deck Building Tips & Tricks

  • Decks can be made stronger by upgrading moves.
  • The strongest decks will have a collection of Legendary and Epic moves (rarity) - all fully upgraded.


  • Training is a game space within Smash Supreme which allows you to practice new and/ or existing decks in a safe environment.
  • Training is unlocked as soon as the Tutorial has been completed.
  • All opponents within Training are AI NPCS.
  • Fight results within Training have little - no consequences.
    • Rewards and ELO are not effected by fight results.