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Overview Edit

  • Defensive moves are most commonly used as abilities that prevent any damage from hitting the user.
    • Defending from an opponents move often does no damage to the opponent in return, though there are some exceptions to this such as Reflect and Counter.
  • Block is a core mechanic within the game - every player within Smash Supreme has Block, however due the nature of the mechanic it is also referred to as a defensive move.

Block Edit

Block icon
  • The Block button is always visible on the bottom left of the screen.
    • Although Block is essentially a mechanic rather than a move, similarly to moves, Block has a cool down.
      • To use Block, the user must simply hold their finger on the block icon for the duration they wish to block.
        • Block CAN be cancelled.
          • If a user is attacked enough that their block metre runs out, the player will be stunned for a short amount of time (3 seconds).
  • Users can block bait (quickly block then release) and use Block to pause a move's queue (hold block whilst a move is queued) to allow for interesting strategic mechanics and battle outplays.
  • Block is present within every game mode.

Move List Edit

Icon Move Name Description
Card counter
Counter Block an attack while this is active to give someone a pride obliterating smack!
Card reflect
Reflect The SuperCorp Reflect-o-matic will send any projectile back where it came from. Guaranteed!
Card pulse
Pulse An electromagnetic pulse that will damage bots, stops projectiles, and generally make life difficult for your rival.
Card electrify
Electrify Spark up and become electrically charged! Short circuit your opponent with your electromagnetic pull!

Trivia Edit

  • Block could not be cancelled originally, meaning users would have to wait the entire duration of the Block before continuing with battle.