Overview Edit

  • Cooldowns refer to the duration of inactivity between when a move is used, and when the next move is ready to be used.
    • Every move within the game has a cooldown.
  • Whilst a move is on cooldown, that space in the hand will be inaccessible until the cooldown duration has ended and the next move is ready.

Moves Edit

  • Each and every move within Smash Supreme has a cooldown.
    • Cooldowns differ depending on the move, and level of the move.
Icon Description Moves which feature this cooldown
Burndown icon quarter
Short Cooldown Stomp
Burndown icon half
Medium Cooldown Cyclone, Haymaker, Slide Kick, Dart, Fireball, Knockback, Break Kick, Grenade, Catch, Hook, Pulse, Windmill
Burndown icon threequarters
Long Cooldown Triple Punch, Scorpion Kick, Throw, Smoke Bomb, Counter, Kick Flurry, Reflect, Uppercut, Jumping Fireball
Burndown icon eight
Very Long Cooldown MortarBot, Electrify
Burndown icon full
Special Move Cooldown HealBot, Mega Punch, Mega Fireball, Mega Counter, Doppleganger

Block Edit

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 12.28.45
  • Similarly to moves, the Block mechanic also has a cooldown.
    • The cooldown of the Block mechanic does not differ nor change in reference to the players level.
  • As shown above, once Block is used, the remaining cooldown is symbolised by grey space on the shield (Block) icon.
  • Once the block fully depletes, the player will be stunned for a short period of time.
    • During this period, the player will lose the use of both movement and moves.
  • Upon releasing your finger from the Block button, the Block metre will begin to refill.
    • Once fully refilled, the Block mechanic will be usable once more.