• Certain moves within Smash Supreme are class specific; this means that moves listed under this category can only be used for the class they are designed for.
    • Class moves cannot be used by any/ all characters; each character has at least 2 class moves to unlock and upgrade.
  • To differentiate moves and display which ones are available/ not available to the user, the opacity of the card will change depending on its current state.
    • Cards that are unavailable to the player's current class will be reduced in opacity, furthermore the user will also not be able to interact with the card until the correct class is active.

Move List

Finn's Moves

Icon Move Name Description
Card haymaker
Haymaker FINN ONLY: Launch a devastating punch towards the opponent, knocking them to the ground!
Card punchflurry
Punch Flurry FINN ONLY: A triple punch takedown!

Mia's Moves

Icon Move Name Description
Card dart
Dart MIA ONLY: Send a dart hurdling towards your opponent for a quick burst of damage!
Card smoke
Smoke Bomb MIA ONLY: With a puff of smoke, you stun your opponent and stealthily dodge any oncoming projectiles!

Mars' Moves

Icon Move Name Description
Card grenade
Grenade MARS ONLY: Toss a cooked grenade towards your opponent!
Card catch
Catch MARS ONLY: Tap block at the right moment to grab projectiles and smash them into your opponent's head!
Card kickflurry
Kick Flurry MARS ONLY: Overwhelm your opponent with a series of powerful kicks!