Overview Edit

  • Within the raid game mode of Smash Supreme, plays can opt to use a gain and loss loot mechanic referred to as "cashing out".
    • Similar to the “Hearthstone" arena loot mechanic, when a player enters a raid, any loot gained is locked away until they complete the raid, and in the case that if at any time within a raid a player is KO’d (and therefore loses that stage) all loot is lost.
      • The longer the player continues through the journey, the greater the possible payout.
  • At the end of any stage within a raid a user can choose to cut their loses and take the loot they have received rather than continue at the chance to earn more loot, this is called "cashing out"
    • Though if a player/ team of players are able to complete an entire raid without "cashing out", they will each be rewarded with a bonus to the loot they receive (Rush Reward).
    • The Rush reward is hugely worthwhile and so it is recommended that players join a guild of players they know have both the skills and time to complete an entire raid.
      • Players must weigh up whether they will be able to complete a stage as a team before they begin, otherwise loot will be lost.
  • If a player chooses to complete a certain number of stages and cash out, they must restart the entire raid from the first stage next time they want to attempt this raid, this is to allow for a larger matchmaking pool resulting in shorter queues and easier matchmaking.
  • In the case that a player chooses NOT to cashout and ends up getting knocked out, players can use a premium continue "revive" token to progress through their current stage without losing any loot they have collected.