• When a player enters into combat against either another player or AI, they enter what is referred to as a battle.

Rounds Edit

  • Each battle is made up of 3 rounds.
    • Rounds are individual fight sequences that make up a battle.
    • Once either the player or their opponent has been KO'd, the current round is over.
      • In order to win a battle - the player must win the majority (2 or 3 out of 3) of rounds against their opponent.
        • Once a battle has been won, the user will gain a star to help them progress among their rank as well as rewards suitable for their skill level and current game mode.
  • Each round has an 80 second timer.
    • If a brawler is not KO'd by the time the timer reaches zero, the round will result in a draw.

Victory Conditions Edit

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  • In order to win a battle, the player must defeat (knockout) their opponent in at least 2 rounds.
  • Battle victory results in a 1x star towards the players next rank.
    • If the battle victory is consecutive, the player will instead gain 2x stars.
    • No more than 2x stars can be gained from a single battle.
  • Only 1x star can ever be lost at one time.