General Information Edit

  • Arenas refer to the different fight locations within Smash Supreme.
    • There are currently 2 Arenas:
      • Market
      • Hilltop
  • In order to unlock more Arenas the player must first meet certain rank requirements!
  • Both Market and Hilltop can be found within certain VS modes in the Smash Supreme Campaign Mode.
  • All Arena changes are purely cosmetic.

Market Edit

  • Market has no rank requirements and is instead unlocked upon tutorial completion.
  • Once players surpass rank 4 the Market Arena can only be seen in VS missions of the Campaign Mode.
    • If the player falls below the rank 4 threshold, the Market Arena will become available once again.
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Hilltop Edit

  • The Hilltop arena is unlocked to players who have achieved rank 4 or higher within PvP.
    • If a player falls below rank 4 the Hilltop Arena will no longer be available until the player becomes rank 4 again.